What now?

Something I've been contemplating for a while now is the direction this blog is headed in. To this point, it has been pretty stream-of-consciousness. I blog the most recent pictures, crafty projects and whatever random thoughts pop in my head (in case you missed the title...). I have considered separate family and crafty blogs, or maybe just bringing this one into focus.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just blogging to myself - which is fine because it is cheaper than therapy- but I am seeing some comments lately (Hi!). So, since it appears that there are people reading this, check out the sidebar poll. Cast your vote (you can pick more than one item) feel free to add other suggestions in the comments below (I will even allow Anon. comments for this one!). your votes are anonymous too, so feel free to tell me my knitting sucks or that you are sick of looking at my kids...


  1. You could totally blog about me. Any time you want.

  2. you've got your own blog for that Ms. Burbia! I'll blog about your socks and mittens though...

  3. Are you kidding? I'M going to be blogging about those socks and mittens the day they hit my doorstep!

    I love that you're blogging more and it's just all random life stuff. It lets me keep up with you.