Lifting my "spirits"

Among my birthday loot was a gift card - with instructions to use it ONLY for me! whee! It had been a long week - teething toddler, hypo-manic hubby, and coughing kiddos. No rest for the mommy... and mommy NEEDED a little self-indulgence. I grabbed the card and raced out the door before anyone could argue - and before mommy-guilt changed my mind.

I needed a sports bra for my self-defense class. (I'm sure it is easier to fend off an attacker with proper support, lift and separation.) Sports bra in hand I was ready to move on to the next dept. but it occurred to me that I was wearing a 5-year-old nursing bra...and my baby usually nurses after I am bra-less anyway. I no longer pump either.. so why am I wearing these worn, stretched and boring things anyway...

In the last 7 years, I have only worn white or beige full-coverage cotton bras. These boobs haven't see under-wire since Y2K! Time to give the girls a lift! I was normally a white, pink or beige kind of girl BK (that's before kids - not the burger joint I worked at in high school). that way they didn't show too much. After so many years forced into white/beige cotton.. a bright red lacy under-wire number caught my eye! and of course I HAD to buy the overpriced matching panties too... even if I prefer Hanes...

I have to admit that the under-wire has boosted more than my sagging breasts. I feel much younger and sexier than I did when I was younger and sexier!


  1. Whoo hoo! Good for you, girl! You deserve it! I need to do the same - thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Go girl! Way to spice things up. And happy 32nd bday (can I say your age? oops, already did :)

  3. Happy birthday again, m'dear. Nice to see you're takin' care of the sisters!!