Defining ADD

I frequent several message boards - mostly parenting issues. One such board is for parents with children who have ADD/ADHD. It is nice to see different perspectives, fresh insight on our issues and an abundance of research and information. What bothers me deeply is when I see SO many moms defining their child by their disability (or different ability if you prefer). "my child is ADD" - no your child has ADD! semantics? maybe... but I think how we talk about our kids reflects (or does it really shape) the way we think of them. I posted the following on that message board and I thought I would share my feelings on the matter here as well. You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments as well...

Andy is
not ADD. he is not Asthma. He is not PTSD. He is a child - a smart, happy child with several medical conditions. They do not define him. He defines them.

He does not suffer from these ailments (ok- he did suffer terribly the first year or so with the PTSD...). They provide challenges and obsticles in his life. He may struggle sometimes, but his illnesses are not barriers.

He is a child full of potential and faced with challenges. He is defined by his actions, his soul and his heart... NOT his ailments.

In knitting news...
I did finish Ryan's Tiger socks...he has worn them and he likes them ("they poke me feet with soft!")... but he wont cooperate for pictures... I am going to try (read "bribe") Andy and Ryan to pose with their socks together. wish me luck!

I am also working up some mock-ups for a cool little commission project for a "celebrity" I know (watch the Today Show on Thursday!) I'll post picks of those once I have all 4 styles complete...

Halloween Hineys!
I have a couple Halloween diapers left in stock (is it wrong for me to hope no one orders the one in Colin's size?)
I am also doing a special Halloween FFS Lottery! you have until noon tomorrow to enter! GL!

oh and nothing to do with Halloween.. BUT I only have 1 of these adorable Giraffe diapers left... you might want to snag it before I change my mind.. that Giraffe SC is SOOOO soft!

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  1. Does this mean I get to link to you and show off all your wonderful work?