Ryan: Mom, I want to be a vegetarian when I grow up.
Mom: That's wonderful dear.
Ryan: Yeah, I like animals. I want to take care of cats and dogs and frogs.
Mom: You want to be an animal doctor?
Ryan: Yes, I am going to take care of pets!
Mom: that is a veternarian. a vegetarian is a plant eater.

Andy and Ryan playing dinosaurs..

Andyasaurus: ROAR I am I T-rex and I am a meat eater!!! are you a plant eater?
Ryanasaurus: ROAR I am a veternarian!
Andyasaurus: ROAR I am going to eat you!
Ryan: MOM! Andy is trying ot eat me!


  1. Hahaha too funny :) Veterinarian... vegetarian... they're both good things to be.

  2. yes- I would be proud if they were either - or both - when they grow up.