Kids Count of Milford hosted a talk on Autism last night. when the flier came home from school, I though it would be a good idea to go. I was wrong - it was one of the best ideas I have EVER had!

The speakers were from ASCONN. I have mentioned this organization before. The proceeds from Andy's book are being donated to this FABULOUS organization. Before I continue on the talk, I should note that the pages in Andy's book are printed upside down. I was going to fix that, but after thinking about it.. it seems appropriate. It works, but not the way a typical book does...

So, anyway, they presented a program on the basics of Autism, what it is, how it is diagnosed and available treatments. I know a lot about Autism itself - too much IMO. but when it comes to treatments.. I don't know diddly. I have NO clue where to start! I don't think the schools do either. IMO- that is why they chose to do NOTHING about Andy's behavioral issues. I don't want to go back to them and say "do something!". I want to say, "Here are some things I think we can do to help him out." and have list in hand (I like lists!).

The talk turned briefly to Sensory Processing problems. The light bulb didn't just go on, it was a flashing red light! I knew he had "sensory issues" he covers his ears when he gets yelled at. he says he hates loud noises - yet he makes a LOT of them. If you pat his bottom (football pat - NOT spanking) he says "OW! that hurts!" and I suppose it does... he HATES having his hair brushed or cut. we have FINALLY gotten him to take showers (as opposed to baths). That stuff I knew. BUT I never realized that in addition to the 5 senses, it includes your sense of the space around you and your sense of where you are in space. everything just started to "click". his fear of heights, his lack of "personal space", his clumsiness, how he never seems to be paying attention to what he is doing or where he is. his falling on the floor for no apparent reason. Even the hum and flicker of florescent lights can bother him... now that I am recognizing things for what they are, I can try to figure out how to help him cope in the world around him. I think 99% of his behavior issues are due to sensory integration problems. we still need to teach social skills and appropriate behavior, but he is smart. he will learn!

There were handouts - a LOT of handouts! I was overwhelmed with resources. I had NO idea the services available. there really is a lot... but they do NO good if people don't' know about them. so I am going to be reading brochures and googling treatments/programs for the next few days! I finally feel like I have a place to start.. now I need to figure out which direction to go...

"maybe they are right and the rest of us are screwed up."


I spent my lunch on the phone and we have an appointment for the DP at the end of Aug!! AND I also found out that my ins will cover OT - even w/o a diagnosis!

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  1. That sounds like some great information. I hope you can put it to good use for Andy.