The Pancake Incident

I decided to make pancakes for breakfast yesterday. no easy task in our house. I keep trying different kinds of "safe" pancake mix for Colin and I. Todd and Ryan have deemed them all "nasty" thus far. Andy- mr. pickypants - has eaten them ALL w/o argument. while I wouldn't say any are nasty - most are best described as odd.. so I've just given up on the rest of them and make dairy-free pancakes for Todd, Andy, and Ryan and I am still experimenting with brands for Colin and I.

I made ours first yesterday so that Colin could feed himself while I made the rest (I've given up on a hot meal LONG ago!). I let it cool a bit broke it up into 1" squares and put them on his tray. he eagerly scooped them up and shoved them in! I gave Ryan another to give him while I was still cooking. By this point, I notice him rubbing his eyes and thought "must be nap time" and continued to cook.

I finished cooking around the time he finished his second pancake. I went to go wipe him down, and get him ready for his nap. then I notice it. the eye he is rubbign is red and puffy! red bumps all over his face! I washed him up and changed his diaper & clothes.. sure enough - head to toe rash!

Called the pedi on call. after he verrified that he was breathing OK and not having an anaphylactic reaction, he instructed us on what to do if/when he has one. then he said to give Benadryl for the rash and not to give it if he does have anaphylactic reaction - call 911. ok- got that! he also suggested we get an epi pen jr (his Dr called it in this morning!). the Benedryl worked. rash/itch gone. he is fine now.

I later looked at the package. the mix had almond meal and buttermilk in it. grr.. culd have been either or both, but my vote is milk b/c of his reaction to Nutramagen... the worst part? those were the best pancakes yet!

so - now we are in EpiPen territory... YIKES! this is new and scary for me. we have to keep both (it is a 2 pack) together and with him. sometimes the reaction will reoccur 15 -30 min later. so where do I keep them? how do I use them? I hope I never have to!

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  1. Man, that just sucks! Give the dr's office a call and they'll let you know how to use the epi pen.