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we are trying to get [Andy] into a "multiage" class which is 1st and 2nd graders combined. great place for a kid with great academics and not so great social skills. they are explicitly taught in the MA class! as well as having older peers in the room! we visited the class after the PPT. the teacher was SO excited to be teaching these kids (with only 1 moth left f the year!) and the kids were VERY excited to show off what they could do! the kids are taught at their own level and encouraged to work together! they like to put siblings together too, so there is a possibility that A&R can be in the same class in a couple years!


we also ran into one of the teachers at the Karate picnic on Saturday and got a chance to talk to her a bit. both teachers are open to any and all suggestions on how to make their lives easier! with or without an IEP!!! so I hope to have some suggestions from the DP and the psychologist by then. I debated on sharing his dx (assuming he gets one). but I think it is certainly in his best interest to do so. he should not be ashamed of having ASD. it doesn't' make him a bad person and it doesn't define him either. he should know that it means he thinks differently and he'll need to develop strategies to deal with this as he gets older. We'll also need to tell the school b/c he gets diddly without it!

we got Todd a pair of dumbbells for Fathers Day (at his request!) Ryan found my old 1# weights from step class and decided to work out with dad.. great.. until.. he dropped one on his toe!! fortunately it isn't broken. there was a LOT of blood under the nail and they burned a hole through and drained it. he is fine now.. went to karate that night! after it happened, Todd called me and I came home to bring him to the walk-in. Todd gave him ibuprofen and an ice pack and he was out cold before I got home.. narcolepsy anyone?

he is really chunking up! he is trying to pull up and walk. he is at the stage where he is bouncing his butt while he tried to figure out how to get the legs to go... he is SO darn cute!! and SO happy now that he can eat breathe and the allergens are out of his diet... he is in LOVE with the new kitten... yes we have a new kitten "Bandit".

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