I just read a post on the Vegan Doc's blog that made my stomach turn.

appearantly a uneducated and seriously misguided couple killed their infant by feeding him their take on a vegan diet. those of you who read this regularly know the ordeal I went through with Colin and getting his weight back on track. it was really hard, but we actually took him to the pedi.. and 2 specalists and did EVERYTHING in our power to help him get better. I could NOT imagine sitting back and watching him waste away and do NOTHING to help him. wasn it obvious that what they were doing wasnt' working??? the grandmother commented that he didnt cry more than any other baby... well do you think it could be b/c he was to friggin weak to cry??????

FWIW- although Todd and I are omnivores, Colin is still vegan. in fact all of my kids were vegan until 9-12mo...

Speaking of Colins health, he had to go to the pedi yesterday. his nose was running like a faucet (first time ever - now that his nasal passages are open...) and he was coughing and feverish. he had 2 breathing treatments and prednisone before he was OK to go home. he is now on prednisone, albuterol, and amoxil. Not sure WHY he is on antibiotics if ti is allergies and he is BF'd. not to mention that I am HIGHLY allergic to it and they were supposed to note the chart that although none of the kids have reacted to it, I have a severe contact reaction and it is NOT supposed to be in our house! yes, I did put a call into the dr. they are swamped right now and she is supposed to call me back.

Ryan is on Allegrea b/c he is having a tough time with spring, and Andy is still on his Singulair, but still coughing a bit. he coughed until he vomited 2x over the w/e :( Is the pollen done yet??? I think it is tree pollen getting all of us.

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  1. It's really so sad but I couldn't understand how the grandmother could sit back and not step in. New parents don't always have a good overview but grandparents have been there, done that, and seen everything.

    My second grandson was diagnosed as failure to thrive which is really not a diagnosis at all. I knew something was wrong and spoke with my daughter and son in law about it. It was only from her pushing the doctor that they finally figured out the root cause.