the nose knows..

Todd took Colin back to the ENT for his follow up. it is his adenoids that are enlarged. his congestion did clear up, but appears to be comming back and they are getting enlarged again.. SO we can use the drops again if/when he has trouble eating, sleeping or breathing. We have to call her and let he know when we do. she doesn't want to remove them at this point. the risk of operating on a 9mo outweighs the benifits of surgury at this point. we will follow up in september and go from there. Hoping he will outgrow it, but accepting he may need them removed at some point. I really like this practice. they don't want to cut the kids open unless the have to. they listen and trust parents - they don't patronize. In turn, it is easier for us to trust and be open and honest with them. (also why I LOVE our pedi and my MW & the OBs she works with).
oh- and the picture.. I finished a new pair of shorties for Colin! they need elastic though.

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