why Karate is better than Kindergarten...

So, Andy - who we suspect is mildly Autisitc, but cant get anyone to test him any time soon, has been taking a martial arts class since the fall. he's NOT the athleate in the family, but he enjoys it and he gets some exercise... Todd started takign the Adult class (he needs the exercise too!) and the 2 have been practicing together. we have found that when we tell him to stand at "attention" (they have another word for it - but I can't remember) he will pay attention to us and listen... really! he even stands still and makes eye contact! so, Friday we were telling this to his instructor. we were also saying that we are trying to get him eval'd for autism. she said "Oh, I thought he was" really.. the KARATE teacher (who is a beautician by day!) can see the that the behaviors are autistic!!! she told us that when they were walking into teh gym one day (it is an after school program), the walked by the office which has "mailboxes" for the different rooms labeled with the numbers. well, there is no room 4 or room 9 - they were converted to computer labs. he noticed that w/o really looking at them and he finds it EXTREMELY upsetting. to this day! that was when she figured he had ASD and then when he had a hard time paying attention and focusing in class.. which is why they moved him to the smaller class...
and his SE teacher actually listed his disruptive behavior then told me they wouldn't test him b/c they didn't think he was autistic b/c he has friends! (one of which has AS btw...)

Ryan did jump in to the class on Friday as well. the boy is GOOD! a natural athleate! he needs to work on listening adn following directions.. not to mention showing me a LOT more respect. Not the same issues as Andy - he is just being a spoiled little brat! he is pushing me to see if my rules are the same as Daddy's. I also think he is still bent about me going back to work... I think the MA class will really help. I also think more school will do him a world of good! he'll have to spend more time taking turns and waiting in line next year.


  1. Push the school to do a ppt. By law they have to evaluate him if you request it. Federal law says so. Do not let them gloss over your issues. If you do not advocate for him no one will.

    My son entered 2nd grade and couldn't read. Their idea? Put him back in 1st grade after a month in 2nd grade. My reaction? No friggin way in hell is this child going back to 1st grade because you didn't do your job.

    They did a full evaluation and set up a special program. In addition I did a lot of research and worked at home with him every night. He loves reading now but if it was up to the school system they would have just shoved him aside instead of activly correcting the problem.

  2. we jsut had a PPT. they only wanted to re-test for speech w/pragmatics and blew off my verbal request for testing. so I sent a written request. we will see how that goes over after break...