I am trying to decide how much info about Andy, his testing, therapies and possible diagnosis to share on the internet...

on the one hand.. he is HF and may not be dx with anything and if he is, it is likely he'll be able to blend right in with the rest of us "normal" folks in short order. I dont' want his disabilities to define him or limit him. he is brilliant and loving and fun... jut not terrible coordinated or flexible (in any sense!)

on the other hand.. I don't want him to feel ashamed of who he is or that we are in any way asamed of him. I don't want him to have to carry a big secret around with him (weather he knows it or not) . the only way we can change poeple' s perceptions of ASD is by showing them ALL the faces of Autism...

so, I just don't know how much I want to get into.. but I will say this.. the school is evaluating him and trying to come up with a plan to deal with his behaviors. not a DX by any means, but if it helps him in school..GOOD! I am working with him at home to learn to make eye contact while talking. and Karate continues to strengthen him physically and mentally. (testing for his next belt tonight!!!!) that is all I have to say about that.. for now anyway...

Colin is doing great! he went to the ENT last week. she put a camera up his nose and found out that part of the nasal passage is enlarged and causing the "congestion". today is his last day of the sterroid drops. Todd will give her a call today and then she'll see him again in 3 weeks. we've noticed a big difference in hsi sleep! he has jumped from 4-5 hour streached to 8-9 hours! I woke up in a puddle of milk this morning! BUT I was able to pump an extra bottle form him before I left... good news there!

Ryan will be getting his very first stripe on his white belt tonight and Todd tests for his Gold belt tonight too! expect pics monday!

as for me .. I've been knitting and sewing away for my clients! BUT I am reserving my Thursday nights for quilting with Mom! I have been workign on a quilt now for.... crap I dont' know how long! 4y? anyway, I now have a goal! Mom is goign to sign me up for her guild this fall so that I can enter the quilt in the show next April....which gives me roughly 11 months to finish! AAAHHHH! a deadline!!! it is only a small wall quilt.. I've made bigger.. but this is FAR mroe complex! I paper pieced the fish. I used random blocks for the sea floor and now I am on th string piecing for the bottom, the water above the fish and then the fishing pole. then there are the appliques for the reel, more paper piecing for the lures then some embroidery and embelishments in addition to the quilting, binding, sleeve and label...
Hmmmm... maybe if I posted a little more often, I wouldnt' have a novel.. SORRY!
OH.. I may have a BIG announcement comming up!!! (and NO I am NOT pregnant!)


  1. Not pregnant? Oh come on! You make such cute kids!

  2. I was about to say...I did not think that was possible anymore. Can not wait to read the news!!!!!! You just love to keep us hanging!!!

  3. It sounds like regardless of any diagnosis, Andy is making great strides!

    Can't wait to hear your announcement...