Frogwebs, Fish, and appointments

First - cute fluff pics.. cause it is my blog and I can!
Spiderfrog - made by me! Cotton print outer, lime seuadecloth inner, red snaps

I also got my custom KND from www.clothdiaperoutlet.com Beatiful craftsmanship. crazy fast shipping - she MUST know someone! nice trim fit! it is higher in the rise than I am used to, but that may be a good thing! the monkey has worn it once, so cant give a full review on fit, but A+ on quality and shipping

Thing #1: PPT was tuesday. Good: He is doing GREAT academically, he has a nice little group of friends and he has made tremendous improvements. the SLP said his vocab and comprehension were above grade level. the teachers were also impressed that he was so proud of his faith and that he was donating a part of his allowance to charity...(a Grandmother in need of children to Granny gave A&R each $1 for being SO good in church on Good Friday! she told them to buy themselves something. what did THEY decide to do? they put it in the collection basket on Easter! THEIR idea! I'm a VERY proud Mama!) oh - he is also grasping hte concept of "personal space"!
Bad: he still doesnt get that talking is a 2-way form of commumincation that involves speaking and listening! his voice is almost always too loud. he has a lot of ritualistic behavoirs - and has a FIT if life deviates from the ritual. he is stubborn and usually insists on having things his way - or he melts down. they finally noticed his stimming, humming and retreating into "Andyland".
Ugly: It took reminding adn pressuring to get them to retest him for speech w/pragmatics before his 6th bday or he will lose eligibility. I also asked that he be screened b/c ALL of those negative behaviors the teachers noted above are Autistic behaviors. they are disruptive to the class and make learnign difficult for him. BUT when I asked them to test, they tried to tell me they didn't think he was Autstic. I do not wnat him to be... but the reality is that he may be. he may need more services and I will fight for him to get them! I have begun with what I think was a nice f/u letter to the principal reiterating what was said in the meeting, confirming the Speech testing and requesting the ASD screening. we are also takign him to a psychologist and looking into a developmental pedi. fun never ends!

Thing #2: had his MMR and medical forms complete for kindergarten! he is starting Karate tonight (attempt #2). he is cute, smart, and a PITA.. but I love him!

Thing#3: is trying to crawl when not being smothered by two overly loving big brothers! he had his check up on Tuesday as well. he is up to 15.9# which is good, but still the 5%ile. we wen tover the allergy test results and she gave teh go-ahead for more solids... YAY.. he is sucking down food like he has never been fed.. but still isnt' catching up. since he is STILL congested 24/7 we are takign him to the ENT. the same one the sleep center referred us to for Ryan. we really liked him. I hope we'll get some answers there. if he could breathe better, I KNOW he could eat better! speaking of food.. as much as it kills me to have to supplement, we ahve been able to get teh insurnace to cover the formula... further reinforcing my view of it being medicine.

And a belated Happy Easter & Passover

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