Blingity Bling

Some Crochet Bling for me! I made this using Amy Swenson's pattern in "Not Your Mama's Crochet". link on the sidebar! It was SO much fun! In all the years I've been crocheting, I have never worked with wire or made jewlery. I am still waiting for the clasps to come from the e-bay seller. I need to get earring wires too. The earrings were an after-thought.. but I LOVE it! I think my next one will be something of the purple variety and I am going to use seed beads or some other kind or spacer on the alternate stitches. I may try some on hemp for another look... I cranked these all out this w/e while running all over creation with the kids! very simple, very pretty! and I think it is the sort of thing my "wardrobe" is lacking.. aside from clothes that fit... but that is another post!

Andy got some Karate Bling... Gold belt w/ black stripe! I am so proud of him! Martial Arts is really helping him more than I can clearly express in a blog! I am eternally indebeted to his instructors for their patience, consistancy, and values! they have the same expectations of him as they do the rest of the class and they know he is a SN student. he tried extra hard on Friday b/c he knew he was testing!

Ryan also earned his first stripe on his white belt on Friday! he will probably be a gold belt before he starts kindergarten!

Andy wasnt' the only one who tested Friday night! Todd tested for his Gold belt at his class Friday Night. It was too late for the boys to go, so no pics... but trust me! he has a gold belt! I'll have to get a picture of all 3 of them in their new belts this week! Andy isn't the only one benifiting from the classes. Todd is really getting in shape, eatign better and maybe he'll quit smoking again soon.. maybe! he wants to be around for his kids for a long time! and he doesn't want to be crippled for it either! I think he realized what ignoring his health was doing to him long term. he is also gettign the connection between a good diet and exercise and his BPD. it is a healthy release for him too.

How about some Karate BLAM BLAM? They let the kids beat each other with giant Q-tips!

Ryan seemed to be confused by being told to hit somebody... he needed a little help to get going....

Andy was really agressive! I was impressed - very un-Andy-like.. BUT he said he was doing his best b/c he was testing!

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  1. I love the bling necklace and earings. Very cute!