almost 3 years after the fire, we've settled with the insurnace company. Still not nearly what we should have gotten, but it would have cost more in legal fees than the difference is worth. suckd when the systems screws you. suck when the insurance company hires a contractor that does more damage than they fix. You pay your premium and you expect your insurance company to be there when you need them. well, we found out the hard way that just in't true! IMO, Vermont mutual is out for the $ and could care less about the people and the homes they insure! at least that is the message they sent us! the FD did an EXCELLENT job! they responded in just a couple minutes and they kept the damage to a bare minimum. so WHY did it take 18m before our house was livable? and 30m after the fire it still is not completely finished b/c we've been fighting over several tousand dollars! If your house ever catches on fire, get teh family out and let it burn!

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