yup.. back to work for me. good news and bad news I suppose. I'd forgotten what a PITA pumping is, but it is SO worth it! I'm loving the new pump. It is a Medela PIS Advance. I had the classic before, but this one is SO much more efficient with the let-down cycles. I'm also really loving the Lily Padz. they are a bit cumbersome fore nusing at home, not at all condusive to BFIP, but they are GREAT for work! I'm not having any leaking issues and it isn't a big deal to get them on and off for pumping, b/c I'm behind closed doors and
I don't have to juggle a hungry/sleepy baby to use them.

I'm taking a note from others and generally avoid discussing work here. i like my job. I want to keep it. one reason being the boss himself. hes gone out of his way to make my transition back easy. instead of dumping a pile of projects on me, he gave me a few things to start out and is slowly adding to my workload. there have been some personnel changes while I was gone. I knew they were comming, but just getting used to the dynamic.. It'll be interesting to see how this affects my job description..

We took the boys to a halloween party yesterday. We've got some great pics of hte boys in their costumes. I'll have to post those when I am not pumping, typing and having a cup of tea... I also made soem Halloween diapers and some baby legs I'll have to post pics of those later too.

Please pardon the sporradic posts as I get used to working and pumping again. DO keep an eye out fo rhte return of FREE PATTERN FRIDAY! for those of you new to my blog, I used to post a free pattern of my design or a link to a free pattern on another site that I like. any requests or wnat to pimp your own pattern, drop me an email.

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