Teeth and Temple

Andy came home from school yesterday and told us that he had a loose tooth, but he was too young to have a loose tooth... Somehow he fot the idea that he had to be 6 to have a loose tooth. At least we still have the tooth fairy box still handy from Ryan's dental adventure....

and while I'm still on the topic of teeth, I noticed last night while we were at temple, that Colin is sprouting his firt 2 teeth! Can't feel them yet, but they are visiblr through the gums. So, my oldest and youngest are getting teeth!

Yes, you read that right! We went to Temple last night. It was my first time since I am Catholic and all. I was still amazed at the similarity between the Jewish service and a Catholic mass. Hard wooden pews, incense, a lot of standing, sitting and singing (no kneeling.. BONUS!!) there was even bread and wine. I should seem obvious that the two are so similar, as Christianity has is roots Judaism. I've been to other Christian services that are nothing like the RC mass. Quite honestly, one of the things I enjoy most about being Catholic, is the comfort of the ritual of mass. Whatever else is spiraling out of control in my life, I know when to sit, stand, kneel and sing. I can recite the appropriate responses without really processing. So, while it was still quite different and I didn't understand the language of most of the service, I did feel quite comfortable.

Why were we there? Good question! It was a baby naming for Mike and Nicole's daughter, Rachel. We were halfway there when we realized that neither of us remembered the camera, so no pics of the guest of honor. She is very cute tho! Mazeltov Rachel!

BTW- what is the appropriate response to Mazeltov???? I know there are some Jews reading this.. (Heather, Mike, Mike...) so please chime in! Educate the Gentile...

UPDATE: Andy just yanked his tooth out!!!! looks like the tooth fairy will be paying us another visit tonight!

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  1. That would be an appropriate time to share your best recipe for Kosher-for-Passover pork chops :)

    "Mazel tov" is the equivalent of "Congratulations", so a simple "Thank you" in response would suffice.