The gospel according to Andy

Not to get all religous today, but.... we were painting our paper mache pumpkin pinatas today and they asked what we are doing tomorrow. I told them that tomorrow is Sunday and they have Sunday School. Andy proceedes to tell me that we celebrate Easter b/c Jesus died. so I thought I'd ask him if hw knew why we celebrate Christmas. his answer...... "because we're not Jewish." what a smart ass! he's right tho... I'll have to work on the details.

so then we start looking at a craft magazine as the paint dries and we saw a neat thanksgiving project. It is a tree shape cut out of foam and a bunch of fall leaves to write what you are thankful for on them and gklue them to the tree. so I asked Andy what he is thankful for.. once I explained what thankful means, he told me he was thankful for TV and candy....


  1. trace your hands out of foam to make feathers and then make a turkey body....write what you are thankful for on the fingures I thought is was cute

  2. How could you not laugh at those answers!?!? Too cute.