Cable on....

FINALLY after stiing in m y bag for a while, I'm back to working on Colin's Cables. I ran out of yarn after I got the cable strips and ribbed cuffs done. I finally got to Janet Kemp's today and picked up another skein of wool. If I knew who the patron saint of fiber was, I'd be praying for her ('casue you KNOW it's a her!) help matching dye lots! turns out I didnt' need to! she had another 5 skeins in back- SAME DYE LOT!

I came home (late thanks to crappy traffic on 110!) and found a yarn sale flyer in the mailbox! local yarn from local sheep spun locally.. I'm there! God knows I needed some knitting zen today!

comming soon... a tartan soaker to go with a wee little kilt. anyone know where I can find a good pattern for baby kilt hose?

time to clean the poop off of Ryan's NEW sneekers.. don't even ask!

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