T is for Tuesday

T is for Todd-

he's been great about reminding me to do my kegals! and to encourage me, he does his PT exercises for his hand, well... now he's got almost full mobility back! it'll never be 100% again, but he could hardly move it before the second surgury.

T is for Tummy-

it's getting BIG! but so is the squirt. he still has no name and even if he did we wouldnt tell ya. some things still need to be suprises!

T is for tweaking - NO! I mean my diaper pattern... Todd was thinking that a front-loader would be better, but I wonder about the insert creeping out or the diaper leaking- as boys tend to leak out the top anyway... so what I'm thinking is to add a little envelope flap in the front. it may help catch leaks and keep the insert in. but I'm wondering if I should keep the back opening as an option too. any cd useres/sewers care to chime in?

T is for Things on the Needles - ok so it's a bit of a streach, BUT I've got about 1" up the cuff of Phish!!! WOO HOO!!! AND I'm half way throught the foot of my not-so-Fuzzy Feet. I've completely tweaked that pattern too.. It is toe up instead of cuff down, I changed out the yarn and I'm going to add in a strand of fun fur on the cuffs. it'll be red on red. I'm hoping to have those done to wear in the hospital.

T is for Tomorrow - Mom is having her knee replacement! she is scared to death, but anxious to get it done. it'll be a tough road to recovery, but she is committed to doing the PT and getting her life back. she's become pretty crippled over the last 9 months or so. she'll be walking on her new knee tomorrow! Please keep he in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through thsi operation and long recovery.

TTFN! I'll be back to post soem pics of the Nemo Nursary when I get a chance. We're going to use a 2nd hand changing table and paint it white like the crib. we use dhte dresser last time, but we got a new one for that room that just won't work as a changing table. we'll also need the extra storage space for the CDs. they are so cute I don't mind leaving them out for the world to see!

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  1. You got a good husband there ( o.k. I would say that seeing he is my cousin LMAO )no I am not kidding tho he is a great person, wonderful husband and great father.....and he is Lucky to have found you....