pics for pockets

OK- as I promised, here are the step-by-step pics I took while making the second set of MB pockets. I was experimenting with ripstop. I used 2 layers of it under a jersey knit with a microfleece inner. I'm thinking daytime diaper, BUT it should be nice and cool on his bottom...

Here you can see the width differance in the outer and inner layers in the crotch. rumor has it that this pattern tends to have a wide crotch and many people like to narrow it. any feedback from those who've tried it? how much did you take in? where did you take it in?

first.. I sewed the back elastic on. when I do my front flap pockets (which I'll finish/post once my PUL gets here!), this elastic will be done at the same time and in the same manner as the leg elastics.

then I added the velcro. Loop tape on the front and a crossover tab. (these are size "little" (10-20#) I'm hoping to skip the NB size b/c mine start out 8-10#s so I'm cheating it a bit with the c/o tab).

the hook tape closure tabs and loop tape washing tabs are sewn to the fleece (I was making 2 at a time and you are looking at both liners here). I've thought of sewing on little flaps of fabric to fold over and cover the velcro for washing, but then I'd have to eliminate the C/O tab or sew the velcro on it... I'll have to try that on my next one too...

After I serged from one end of the pocket opening all the way around to the other, (boring no pic.. sorry..) I added the elastic to the leg openings. I should have cleaned my sewing table first, but I disengaged the blade, did a few stay stitches at one end, pulled the lastin tight- really tight!and stitched to the other end marking. I turned the fabric and sewed off of the edge and trimmed the extra off.

OK - I promise some knitting content next time.. 'cause I really have been knitting too!!!!

hey- I told ya - Martha on crack!


  1. You could use the loop tabs that are just sewn to the end of the hook. They practically stick to themselves for washing. Check the SewYourOwnDiapers messages for more details. I can't remember who posted about it.

  2. Hi Catie! I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I saw your message on the soaker group. I've got three boys, too -- ages 5, 3.5 and 11 days! Our second was the accident, and third was planned. ;) Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth!