Phriday is Phor Phish & Phelting!

First of all.... The much discussed and never shown Phish Socks!!!!
So was it worth the wait??? Didn't think so...

So how did I spend my Friday night???? Mike stopped by and we all went to Farley's for dinner (MMMMmmmmm!!!!) then he and Todd went out and I put the boys to bed and got to work felting!

I felted my slippers.


Ididn't show the cat toy...Wonder Why...

I also felted the crochet soaker. It didn't shrink much, but it really fulled nicely Thing is..The rise looked REALLY huge for a newborn. I showed it next to my first fitted for size comparison. I think may fold it over for the elastic casing. I was going to use a fabric casing hidden inside...


I sewed this earlier in the week but this is the cashmere soaker/cover that I made. It is stuffed with the fitted shown next to the soaker above.

Aside from that.Wewe got a new..Wellll to us anyway... Laptop So far it is getting along well with the new camera and the wirelesnetwork. If we can get an internet connection at the hospital, we should be able to post baby pics fresh from the oven!

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