Felting follies

OK so here is my promised knitting content. pics to follow.. I forgot to take them last night... oops!

anywho.. the Phish are on stand by. I'm on pheather and phan overload! at least for hte foot half was st st, so I had a break, but I didnt' get bored with all stst either. then there was the goal of getting past those heels.. now.. I'll just knit util they are long enough and add some ribbing. thinking about a crochet picot bo at he top... I'll figure that out when I get there...

the reason I put phish on the back burner to begin with is to have my "Fuzzy Feet" ready to pack for the hospital .. and Ive only got about 10w to go!!!! so I turned both enormous heels last night and I knitted 2 more rounds before I added in a strand of LB Fun Fur in Red. not exactly the same red as the cascade 220 wool, but they look good togehter. the pattern says to knt a 3" cuff, but since theses are toe up I may jsut knit until I run outo of Cascade. I'll have fun fur left to sit in my stash for a decade or two.. or I may use it in a felted cat bed... anyway, I'm SO far off of hte original pattern, I hesitate to even call them Fuzzy Feet anymore! I made them toe up instead of cuff down. I changed yarns and added hte fun fur.. BUT I'll be felting soon!!!!

speaking of felting, I felted an old sweater and some swatches last night. the swatches were crocheted with a handspun MIL brought me from a trip to Scotland. (yes, she travels the world and brings me wool!!! I've got a pretty good MIL!) It didnt really shrink a whole lot, but it did full up nicely. so you are prebably thinking "yeah, but what's the swatching for and WHY did you felt your sweater???" well.. brace yourself.. we're going back to diaperland! I made a fitted diaper from stash scraps the other night and now I'm going to make some wool soakers to go over it and a few other fitteds I'll be making. I made the fitted with the MB pattern too. I also cut up the felted sweater and used that for the soaker/cover using the MB pattern. as I was cleaning up I realize dthat the sweater I felted was cashmere NOT wool!!! CRAP! Now I odn't mind hte felting/cutting of the sweater. it had seen better days and was going one way or another. but I don't know if cashmere will work like wool.. Anyone???

so I've got a soaker and a pair of slippers to finish then it is felting time!! YAYAYAY!! I don't know why it is SO exciting to watch all my work shringk into oblivion.. but it is fun! maybe b/c it takes the mistakes with it .....

if my snakeskin PUL ever shows up, I'll be going diaper crazy this weekend!!

oh and I sewed a nursing PJ top yesterday too....

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