You may have noticed...

If you actually read this blog regularly, you've probably noticed a couple of things.

1) I have a problem with directions. It isnt that I can't or won't follow them. I just don't b/c it is better my way. I can't help it. I'm an engineer. that is what I do. I design things to make them work better. so, going back to the Olympics... I am going to make that sweater I posted yesterday. sort of. First, the terryspun, which I'm not in love with anyway, is discontinued. I am substituting with the Chenille T&Q in Grass green. the embelishments will be in the lovely varrigated color shown yesterday. BUT since I changed yarns, I also decided to go smaller on the needles. I think it will give a nicer fabric in the end. Instead of screwing with the gage swatches, I'll just knit the next size up. thsi is for a baby remember.... Second, WHY are the sleves and hood in GS? the body is in St St with a GS edging. so my hood will have a GS edge and the sleves will have GS cuffs. I think I can handle purling a few rows! this is supposed to be a challenge... and Third, I'm also adding the embeleshments from Marnie's Dragon sweater. The spine of the dragon is crochet, so I hope I wont' get disqualified.

2) Have you been reading closely? I've eluded to something in the last couple of posts, but I haven't flat out said it... should I tell you now, or let you guess???? ok- I 'll tell you since noone loves me enough to post a comment :( We are expecting another baby in August!!! THAT is who the sweater is for! Now, we have told some people already and I've noticed a lot of common comments and questions. I know you all mean well, but I'm tired and I'm hormonal, so I'll just cover it all here:
a) No, we dont know the sex yet - I'm only 8w2d (but who's counting!) I don't know if we are going to find out or not, I put Todd in charge of that decision. Go ask him. but I don't think he's decided yet.
b) Yes, I know I will be hot and miserable this summer. Thanks for reminding me...
c) NO, this was not an accident! a suprise, but no accident!
d) A lot of people have said "at least you don't need to buy anything" Not exactly true. Car seats are good for 5 years before the plastic starts to break down and the seats are no longer considered safe(FYI- plastic may not be BIO degradable, but it is PHOTOdegradable). ANdy will be 5 in May. do the math.. Kim will let us borrow her infant seat, but we'll still need new convertables. Since I will be returning to work, I'll need to pump. I had a great pump, but it was in my room during the fire. the ceiling fell in on it shortly after several thousands of gallons of water poured through, so now I need a new one AND my stupid insurance company says they'll only pay for it if the baby is in the NICU. but I'm working on that one... I don't think they get the fact that if I don't pump I WILL get mastitis, fast and frequently. I'm also checking the consignment shops for a mini cosleeper so we can have the baby in our room for the first few months w/o having him/her in our bed. oh yeah.. we're already stocking up on diapers... cna't reuse those. well, I know we could if we used cloth, but Todd is the one that changes and does the wash, and I don't think he could deal with cloth... and I almost forgot.. my car...my beloved purple mustang only has 2 seatbelts in the back.. sniff.. and We don't have the $ for a new car until we sell this one. anyone want to trade????

Forgive me my hormonal reamblings. I'm tired and it took me 20 minutes to find pants that would button AND zip this morning.... don't get me wrong we ARE getting excited!


  1. I knew it!!! I just had a feeling with the first post back about "baby" BUT did not want to ask you incase you weren't!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! I am soo happy for you bolth....I hope this time you get a girl..but either way he or she will be as cute as ever :)

  2. Congrats!! Trust me August babies are good babies :) My not-so-little toddler was born at the end of August in the middle of a heat wave and I wouldn't have changed a thing!