WIP Wednesday - revisited

Still no camera.. BUT I'll fill you all in on my current WIPs anyway...

1) DH's Damn sock are done! You've probably heard the cheers of joy. Not just from me either, but Todd was drooling over my shoulder the ENTIRE time I was knitting them....

2) Ryan has a sock! I'm waiting for a "yarn angel" to come through for me and send me some leftovers from the stash!

3) Swap #52 squares: 1 done+mailed, 6 done & needing envelopes, 1 OTN. YUP I'm knitting another one. Yes, I crochet faster, yes everyone else is crocheting, BUT I do need to practice my knitting, so I'm doing one in GS with a slipped stitch row every 4th row. I'm thinking about (GASP!) a cable on one!

4) Fuzzy Feet for Mom- these were her Christmas gift, but I was realistic (and VERY stressed!) and I gave her the pattern and told her I'd do it when I could. I finished the heels on Sunday and I'm working my way down the foot (7" to go...)

5) Super Secret Pattern for REALLY Cool book! I just got my contract, my "test" run is done and I need to type up the pattern in her template and find a freakin photo of me that I don't hate... Yeah.. That'll be easy! My yarn for the sample was sent from London a couple of days ago, so it may be a couple weeks before it arrives. It is a quick and fun crochet, so I should be able to turn it around quickly! The book is scheduled to be released in September, and I'll post more info as I get it. I can't wait for my copy! Yes, I get $, a copy of the book and I keep the sample once the promotion is done!!!

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