Good Riddance 2005!!!

It took a couple of tries.. but we finally had a nice Christmas! Santa was very good to the boys.. and to me!!! I got a Bacon-Egg & Cheese sandwich maker! VERY COOL! it makes a BEC in teh same time it takes to make my Tea in the morning! I also got a couple gift cert's to Janet Kemp's one of which is already spent! I also got some lovely jewlery and some clothes.

Todd spent Christmas and most of the week following in the Hopital.. that really sucked... he's doing MUCH better now! he has to follow up with his DR tomorrow, so we'll see...

Since I bought more yarn, I figured I needed to step up the pace on Todd's socks... almost to the toe decreases now.. I'm SO bored with them! I only have those and Ryan's socks and a hat OTN right now. BUT I've got a bunch of projects waiting for me to knit/crochet them... and I've got LOTS of squares to send out for my swap...

the digi cam crapped out so no pics for a while :(

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