What do you do on a VERY cold and snowy Sunday? You light a fire in the fireplace, make some hot chocolate and do something with all those UFOs!

First I FINALLY finished Todd's socks!!! I think I need to work on some socks for the boys and baby before I even attempt his again! (I'm ready to CO my Opal "Fish" socks tho!) then I moved on to the design I'm developing. DONE! It's crochet... Always quicker! Then I thought I'd start on mom's felted slippers, but when I found the needles, they had Ryan's hat on them, so I finished that too! He wore it to bed....

I will CO mom's slippers tonight, and I need to divide the skein for my socks as I am working 2 at a time from one skein. Normally, I'd work from both ends, but it is self patterning and I don't think I could handle the pattern in opposite directions.... And not to be without a crochet project... I began my second purple swap square! Only 33 more!

I'll post pics when I do something about that camera!

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