WIP Wednesday!!!

As promised!

I finished "disco". You'll notice it is quite a bit thinner than last weeks. Your eyes aren't playing games... I ended up frogging the whole thing during er last week. I ended up re-doing it in garter stitch only 6 stitches per row! Then I fluffed it with a comb.. SO soft!! Like the boys Cookie Monsters from B-A-B.

I didn't get a whole lot done with the socks b/c I was preoccupied with disco. I did get 12 rows of the heel flap for the second sock done (only 22 to go!) the picture shows it at 10 rows- I did 2 while I uploaded...

I'm planning on casting on another teacher scarf this week. I'm thinking of trying a cable on one to practice. Maybe a GS background so that it doesn't curl...

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