WIP Wednesday

I decided that my FREE ball of disco was a sign that I needed to make something for me! so I grabbed a skein of homespun from my stash (which I'll have to replace for one of the "teacher" scarves..) and started a scarf.

I've made great progress on Todd's Sock. one heel done! Normally, I'll leave both otn and work 1 at a time, but I wanted to do the full round and pick up the stitches along the heel flap so that he could try it on before I did the other one. looks like it'll work.

A close up of the profile of the band heel. I really like it! I think I could have made the flap longer tho... the pattern called for the rows to be s1, k to end and then s1 p to end, but I did s1,k1 and s1, p1 for the added strength and snugness at the heel.

this is the bottom of the heel. I could have made it wider for him, but the fit does seem to work...it was tough fudging the numbers to fit my stitch count....

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