Disco Inferno

When I got home today I found not 1 but 2 packages on the table for me!!! I was expecting 1- Andy's big boy present fprm the Potty Fairy(don't ask!) which is a case for his Leapster. he will be allowed to play it when he isn't on the potty.

the other was FAR cooler!

It is a ball of Bernat DISCO in Aqua Velvet...oh yeah.. it was FREE!!! yes, that's right FREE!!! I'm not even sure how/why I got it.. It was in an envelope w/ a Mary Maxim catalog and a $5 off coupon! I did sign up at the Bernat site for their e-mail newsletter, but I don't think I put in a mailing address, and if I did, it would have been my address, not my Ils... hmmm... hey- dont' look a gift yarn in the skein... now what ever shall I do with it???? all the project cards call for 2+ balls and I only have 1... I'm thinking a black homespun ponch with the Disco trim.. or maybe jsut a scarf... any ideas???

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