Goodbye Grandma Ginny

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of a truly remarkable woman. Virginia Gency aka Grandma Ginny was Mom to 3, grandmother to 11, great-grandmother to 17, and last Thursday, she became a great-great-grandmother for the first time. Later that day he suffering ended and she went home to the Lord. Her second great-great grandchild is due in a few weeks.

to my mom, she was like another Mom. She had the skills that my own grandmother lacked. She has filled a great void in my mothers heart and her life since my grandmother passed. In turn, she has become like a grandmother to me. Whenever I went to Michaels, I would stop by to visit if I could. She made me Pizelles for no occasion whatsoever. When the grocery store has a bogo, she gave the extra to me. She kept my boys pictures with the rest of her "babies" pictures. The world will never know eggplant parm as good as it did - she wouldn't share her recipe - but she loved to share her cooking!

Goodbye Grandma Ginny

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