Catching up....

I didn't post a WIP wednesday b/c progress on Todd's docks was pathetically slow... but I did finish the commissioned "Martha" and I'm making a little handbag to go wiht it with the leftover yarn.. as it is a gift, I will refrain from posting pics!

a Belated FREE PATTERN FRIDAY! I wanted to post another of my designs, but I didn't get around to completing the parttern, so I will post the mittens that I'll be making for my boys... I'm using woolease- chunky instead of the homespun. I think it will be warmer and wear better than the acrylic homespun. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-mittens.html

I didn't make it to the house this weekend for my regular photos, but the floorborad are in the house and we're bringing them and the house up to normal temp. (we've had the thremostat set at 45F in an effort to conserve oil while keeping the pipes from freezing...) the sanding should be done on the sheetrock.. and the bannisters are in.

we went to a halloween party at Rob and Anya's place. So nice to have "grown up" time these days. and it was a great crowd too... we took some pics and I'll post them as soon as we get the computer "de-wormed". Of course I'll have more pictures of Halloween with the boys and our trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday as well...

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