Sorry to get any socknitters excited... I need to take some pics of my current SIP. It is moving along slowly but surely! I had a lot of knitting time at camp, so now I'm halfway down the cuff of Todd's socks. I ran out of yarn for my Linus blankets. I sent the finished ones and a few others I had to a LLL in the NO area who is collecting donations for the Hurricane victims.

Camp pictures are to follow. I gave each of the boys a disposable camera to take pictures with. Andy ran with it and I ended up using most of Ryan's film (which I now can't find). anyway I'll have to have them developed and get a CD so I can post them later. We had a great time and hopefully we can go for the full week next year. It will be a week earlier, so the boys won't have to miss any school! Andy got his first fishing pole. I even let him cast wiht a hook and noone got hurt. I consider that a succes!!

I do have some progress pics of the house. the mold is totally gone!!! the electrician and the HVAC people need to finish roughing in (hopefully this week) before the sheetrockers can get in. I started to take down the kitchen cabinets and the pine in the kitchen is sanded and primed (after I took the pictures...)

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