Mike the Builder

Among our many errands this weekend, we met the builder at the house to give him the key. I had the boys with me.

Ryan kept asking him about his tools:
"do you have tools in your truck?"
"do you have a hammer?.. wrench? .. saw?.. nails?.. wood?? .."

Andy had a very amusing conversation with him:
A: are you Bob the Builder?
M: no, I'm Mike the Builder.
A: can you fix our house?
M: I sure can!
A: I love you! (hugging Mike)

they also got to pee in our potty and I let them go inside the house for the first time since the fire. I didn't let tehm go upstairs to Andy's room b/c a) the walls are open and they could fall through and b) the fire charred the floorboards pretty good where the bed was and I didn't think Andy needed to see that. the house looks amazing now that it is clean. other than the charred floor in ANdy's room, you'd never know there was a fire! no mold, no smoke smell! the contracor was excited b/c it is now easier for him to work in and the demo is complete. he should be starting in the next couple of weeks and FIL will start painting the kitchen tomorrow!

Saturday we ran errands, sunday we went to the zoo, and yesterday I played hookey and we went to Quassy. tomorrow Andy starts PDS, and we go to camp!

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