SIPs and socknitting class

Well I finally have some SIP photos to share. I'm making good headway on Todd's socks. and I started a new SIP for Ryan at my class @ Janet Kemp's yesterday. It is a toe-up tube sock using magic loop. I am SO proud of myself- I spent all morning in Janet's lovely shop and didn't spend a dime - other than the class! of course once I'm done with the current SIPs, I'll be back for more yarn.. and maybe I try those Crystal Palace needles... anyway, I took off one of the 2 30" Addi's from Todd's socks and put it on holders, and I used leftover yarn from my purple socks. I am now a Magic Loop convert!!! I thought it was complicated, but in all reality it is less cumbersome and much faster. Sooo... I now have Todd's socks on 1 needle and Ryan's on the other... and I dont' think I go back to 2S2C again.... anyway, here are the socks...



the only problem with toe up (I love the eastern european cast-on BTW.) is the heel. Ryan's will be tube socks which is good considering how fast he is growing, but I'm not a fan of short row heels. I really liked the K1S1 heel flap I did on my socks (and will do on Todd's) b/c it fits the heels nicely and is nice and thick so it will wear well.

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  1. I love the socks, keep up the great work. If I ever find the time I will be trying toe up socks. I'm very fond of the Magic Loop method myself!