Free Pattern Friday!!!

I'm going to try a NEW FEATURE today. OK so I stole the idea from another knitting blog(thanks Erica!). I'll post a link to a free pattern every Friday! I'm thinking Knit or Crochet, but I may throw a few sewing or quilting patterns in too. It'll depend on my current crafting mood I suppose... and don't worry, I won't break any copyright laws. I'll only link to patterns that are notes as being FREE or maybe I'll post a few designs of my own... crap ....I may have to start writing stuff down....

I'm also thinking about WIP Wednesdays (also a stolen idea!) and maybe a house update on Mondays (Makeover Monday???).

OK-I'll start with a little creation I made last night. I decided to take a break from Todd's socks b/c my fingers were cramping, so I grabbed a couple of skeins of Homespun and whipped up the "Mini-Martha" poncho for a christmas gift for a certain little girl whose parents probably dont' read this... (I hope!). I did the body in Regency and the collar and scalloped edge in Modern. For the size Medium, I used the entire skein of Regency and about half of the Modern. I'll have pictures to post tonight when I get home, and If I can dig it out, I'll add pictures of mine as well, tho I know there are some in the archives...

The whole piece worked up in a few hours! the adult size is also available on Lion's site as well as a Plus size. There is even a dog (cat??) size (gasp!) and knitted directions as well.

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