As I type this, Todd is still in surgury, as far as I know anyway... I haven't gotten a call yet. They are going to repair at least 1 tendon, he's not sure if he can get both, and a nerve that was damaged. He'll have his right hand immobilized for 2 weeks, then 6 weeks of PT. All that for an apple! Hmm I wonder if he'll just use the wedger next time! ...now that I think about it, this may be a good time to work on PT with Ryan, he really is ready!

on a lighter note, we had Andy's PPT in Milford this week. he's down to 4 goals, 3 of which are really about working in a group and asserting himself to take a turn etc. he's like his dad in that way, he'll take the path of lest resistance... he is already playing well with his peers, they just want to continue to strengthen his skills. he was assesed as "age appropriate" for everything except for communication. the ST is working on the "W" questions and he still has a delayed processing time. he seems to be a bit shy when he doesn't know what is comming next. but they said he does better in smaller groups, so it looks like not only is he on track for St. Ann's, but teh small class size is another good reason to keep him there!

ok.. now I'll have to find something for Free Pattern Friday!

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