Week 3, Day 2 - When I *Finally* Got New Shoes

Todd ordered new boots from a local shoe store and asked me to pick them up on may way home. When I walked in there was a HUGE display of women's running shoes. This store is just awesome. The staff.knows everything about every shoe they carry. After figuring out which type of shoe would best for me, she measured me and went in back. She returned with SIX pairs of shoes - none of which were too narrow! In fact one was way too wide. I tried them all out and went with a pair of Nike's.

I was so excited to find them that I couldn't wait to get home and try them out! So what if it was 27° with snow flurries!

Obviously they weren't broken in yet and my feet are used to my beat up x-trainers. My feet were achy by the time I got through the first interval. I was also feeling it a bit in the shins at first, but that passed very quickly. I will be wearing them around the house a bit to break them in a little faster.

As for the run itself, I felt a bit stronger than the last time. Achy feet and all. Still focusing on my breathing and I'm noticing an improvement. Sham Rock N Roll - here I come!

Today's run is here.

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