Gym Rats Ranting

I will begin Week 3 of my c25k this afternoon, but I've been holding back a rant for about a week now and it is time to let it out so I can move on.

I have noticed a tend on my facebook and twitter feeds for the last 10 days. Many of my gym rat friends (wow there are a lot of you!) have been bitching about how crowded the gyms are. Yes, many people resolve to hit the gym to get fit. Yes, many will give up. BUT they are trying to make some healthy lifestyle changes.  Why not offer a smile, a hello or maybe even a "keep it up"? Some support and encouragement may be just what it takes to keep them coming and making those changes permanent. Or do you have to be one of the cool kids and already fit in order to work out? I don't think so.

We live on an obese and sedentary society. We need to fix it together. One of my reasons for doing this whole running thing is to be a positive example for my kids. Another is to prove to myself that I can. If I can encourage someone else along the way, even better!

So, to those of you inspiring and encouraging the sofa spuds to be veggie sticks, thank you! Keep it up!

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