Week 2, Day 3... Finally

Well, I finally picked up where I left off before the Christmas crazies kicked off. I pulled a muscle in my neck, which sidelined me for a week as well. I was feeling better last week in time for my MMA class, but I was certainly feeling it again after class. Glad I waited on running in the cold too. I don't think it would have helped.

I still haven't gotten new shoes yet. Really, there is a conspiracy against wide width women's running shoes. I hear rumors, see them on line, but they don't seem to actually exist. So. Frustrating! I will keep trying.

I have to say that even though it had been a couple of weeks, the run felt pretty good (in spite of the old x-trainers). I did get a nasty stitch ion my side during the 5th run interval. By the time I walked it off, it was time for the 6th interval and it came back. I ended up walking at least the last 30s of the interval. I guess that slice of pie before I ran wasn't such a hot idea. I will be doing less snacking and more stretching before future runs. I will also try to be aware of staying hydrated on the days that I run. I'd rather like to avoid that experience if I can help it.

In spite of the shoes, stitch and the raw windy winter day, i rather enjoyed it. my body was rested and ready to run again. I also came to the realization that I can finish the 3k - even if I have to walk a lot of it. I have set my goal at crossing the finish line for race #1. I will do my best, but I won't push myself too far past my comfort zone. if I injure myself, I can't train for the next one or do MMA or many of the other things I enjoy.I am feeling better about the whole thing in general. Less stressed. more confident. I have also decided that i am making no resolutions for 2012. Instead, I am focusing on all of the things I desire from 2012. Finishing the 5k is one of them. Then I will finish the second one...

I'd like to go backpacking too...

run details here.

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