TGI did it again

So, I've been sick this week. Last night I came home from work, crawled into bed with a book and stayed there until a few hours ago. I did put the book down to cast on and knit a few rounds. I'm not about to let a little respitory distress knock me out of Olympic competition! (Ravelink to my "event"). If you aren't a Raveler, then just trust that it all makes sense and it is't the cold medicine talking.

on to the grattitude:
  • coupons for FREE stuff
  • Caron SPA yarn - very cuddly!
  • seam rippers
  • Albuterol and Mucinex
  • Tea... tea fixes everything!
  • Todd letting me be sick.
  • snow days
  • being missed
  • Food for thought.
  • fondue

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