Election Day

It is Election Day here in the great US of A. If this is news to you, please, do the rest of us a favor - stay home. Don't vote.

I have made my choice and I will be voting this evening. I am, however, underwhelmed by the options given. I think we are screwed no matter what. I also think that our choice for VP is probably more important now than in any other election. scary actually.If the old white guy wins, he may not live out his term, but if the young black guy wins, well... lets hope they hire extra secret service... ignorant assholes abound (let's just hope they don't vote).

the thing is... I'm fed up. none of the candidates really impress me. I can't get passionate about any of them. the Democrats started campaigning early and hard for the nominations. so much so that by the time the primaries rolled around I was already reaching election overload. Now, when it counts, I'm almost to the point of not caring any more. Almost. I intend to reserve my God given right as an American to complain for the next four years.

I'm tired of the mud slinging. I'm tired of being told why I shouldn't vote for the other candidate. I'm tired of being told what the parties think I want to hear. I don't want to be sold a used car. I'm pretty sure that neither candidate is the Antichrist, Hitler or Darth Sideous. We have a system of checks and balances so that our nation won't descend into an evil Empire. Although, much of the world assumes we already have.

Now, today... it is almost over. FINALLY. but, until 8pm EST I still need to endure the "get out and vote" campaign. It was written on my bus. The cunductor reminded us to vote at every station stop. Most of my friends have changed thier Facebook status to reflect thier vote (the rest are in Canadian).

Yes, I KNOW it is time to vote. I will vote.. now, can we get back to the "real" news. I need to get caught up on Brittney Spears' latest baby daddy drama and Linday Lohan's criminal record...

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