Rescue Pack

So I FINALLY finished my Ergo-esque MT. not all that comfy as a front carrier, but I suppose that just takes getting used to - like the sling. BUT is is VERY comfy as a backpack!! I think it is going to get a LOT of use at camp! I had an epiphany at about midnight Friday (yeah my exciting Friday night was spent with a glass - or 3 - of wine and my sewing!) . I was thinking about how to pad, attatch and adjust the sraps. I was looking at Andy's old back pack to look at the construction of the straps when I thought.. "Why not just uses these straps??" so I did (SSSHHH dont tell! he wasn't thrilled about getting rid of his old backpack.) I just finished quilted the pannel on Mom's machine.. certainly a learning curve there, but it turned out OK.

I used it while making dinner last night. he was THRILLED to be close to me and I wasn't afraid of burning or cutting him. he loved it when I was dancing with him!

I also used it to/from church today. comfy for both of us on the walk.

I finished up 5 diapers and about a dozen wipes. some for us and some for a client.

I recycled a fleece jacket I no longer wear into a pair of pants for Colin. they work just like longies!

Last - and probably least, I whipped up a bag for wet clothes/towels for the beach bag.
not too shabby for one weekend!
I do want to make another swim diaper or two for Colin and eventually I want to make a little mini diaper bag to go with hte carrier in the same fabrics with the other butterfly block.

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