Camp Recap!

Andy, Colin and I hiked up to Bear Rock Lookout. you can see CT, NY and MA - when the valley isn't so foggy anyway...

the boys spent a LOT of time at the beach with their cousins. this is Andy, Ryan, Owen, Evan, Jake and Jessica playing on a float. (Jeremy was too old and Colin too young to hop on..)

Camping themed party favors for the cousins!

relaxing before the party
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The Birthday Boy!

The campfire cake had a meltdown in the 90F (32C) degree heat.

obligatory cake face pics...

Present Time!

Todd caught a fish...
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...we could go home... but not before leaving a partial deposit for next year - full week!!!

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  1. Oh I love little cake faces! Can't believe he's one already. Where does the time go?