I miter be knitting....

I've been intreaged by the miter blanket. But I make baby socks with my leftover sock yarn and well, I have more than enough afghans. Perhaps a baby blanket in the future...

Wendy's miter sweater is stunning.. maybe converted to a cardigan... but would I wear it? probably not.. I'm looking for more fitted styles. Perhaps a baby/toddler jacket in the future..

So, what miter this be??? a suprise!!! For who? not tellin! Pattern? nope... it is all in my head... I'll publish eventually. I may submit it for publication.. If I get denied, then I'll self-publish here. either way, if you are patient, the pattern will be free!

I will tell you that I am using some of the FABULOUS wool MIL picked up for me at a fair in the Highlands of Scotland on one of her trips to visit the family. I have MILES of this stuff and I just LOVE working with it. It is a little rough, but loaded with lanolin, so my hands are so soft! the "roughness" washes out and with a little conditioner, it is soft as can be...

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  1. Miter it be some diaper fluff in the works???