Did anyone get the license plate on that weekend???

for a weekend that started out wiht no plans.. I sure am wiped OUT!

Friday night- Andy and Ryan both tested for their new belts. Ryan is now a Gold belt and Andy is an orange belt!! YAY! for my guys!! they are going to go 2x a week for the summer. can't wait for Andy to finally get Camo, maybe by the fall...

Saturday- dont remember what I did except go grocery shopping, get propane, and BBQ... well, I did all the dishes and gave Colin a bath in the kitchen sink too. He then decided that that would be a GREAT time to finally pull up... mommy didnt agree. and since I was home alone with a baby STANDING in the sink... I couldn't get the camera for pics...

Sunday- went to the Barnum Festival Great Street Parade! had a great time as usual! saw a bunch of friends. the boys got a wave from "Mack" or well.. his voice anyway.... so they were excited! then we went home, the boys played in the yard and I trimmed the hedges..

Monday morning - I HURT!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time..Glad ya'll had a fun weekend. Congrats on the boys doing so well in karate.

  2. Great day for a parade on Sunday. Isn't it funny how there's suck a difference between the things you plan to do vs the things you end up doing?

    Yeah to the boys on their new belt colors.