ER knitting

Colin took a turn for the worse yesterday. kept NOTHING down.. not even a small amount. so, we took him to the er. We ended up being there almost 12 hours. he is so tiny and so dehydrated, they had a VERY hard time getting an IV in him. they did get blood for his labs and a heel stick for blood sugar. his bs was 47 when we got there and 76 when we left. I don't know what his electrolyes were, but they were bad... 6 nurses tried 2-3 times EACH to get the IV. in the mean time, we were trying to hydrate orally. they gave him some Zofran(?) to settle his stomach. he ate red jello. spit out yellow jello. pushed away the orange popcicle (mommy ate it :) ) and nursed. we tried hiding pedialyte in apple juice. He did drink 1/2 of it before he cought on to us. FINALLY the nurse from Pedi came down and got the IV on her 2nd try. they gave him a half liter of fluids and sent us home. As much as I HATED putting him through all of those needles (and the bruises - oh!) if she didn't get it in, he would have been admitted... as in checked in for the night.

with ALL of the poking, prodding, sticking, rectal temps, etc, he did scream and cry - but only 1 tear! he is cutting 2 teeth, but we didn't notice b/c there was NO drool. he did have 2 wet and 1 VERY poopy diaper while we were there. he is at the pedi for a follow-up now.

while we were there, waiting and waiting between needles, I picked up my knitting and started a new project. It involves miter squares, a gift, and possibly crochet trim... may also be a candidate for publication if it comes out in wool like it does in my head... I just bought a new camera on-line, so once I get it, I'll post extreme close-ups.

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  1. How awful and stressful. Poor baby. Poor mommy. I hope they figure out what's up with your little man very soon.