Sound Tigers!

Check Ryan out! does he look like a Hockey pro or what? Hmmm.. I'm having Halloween ideas..... As you can probably tell, the boys attended their first hockey game tonight - The Bridgeport Sound Tigers! (BTW-I have it on good authority both the arena and the parkign garage are on a sound foundation! pipe piles in case you were wondering ;) )! their friend Schuyler got to play between periods with his team. It was really cute to see all of the little kids on the ice! Kinda reminded me of watching D-league! it was only my second game since RPI and it brought back a lot of fond memories! the smells- the sounds- even the music! Big difference was I was actually sober and I was also breastfeeding... none of the obnoxoious chants ("what's the Color of Shit? BROWN!" or "KFC-KFC-KFC")- nothing red being tossed onto the ice.. but hey.. not every game can be freakout... the coolest part was watching the boys! Andy and Ryan were FAR more interested in the snacks, tho Ryan did get a puck after the game! Daddy took him down by the ice so he could see better and one of the staff gave him a puck! Colin was intently watching the entire first period. He was playing with and chewing on "Baby Po" through the second and nursing through the third. And now he is screaming for his jammies and a tuck-in.

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