Christmas came early! - a Photo Essay

Since Todd's parents will be at his brother's for Christmas, we had our celebration a little early! I forgot the diaper bag - which was a problem with cloth, but would have been a CRISIS in disposables! Colin's bumGenius 2.0 (in Grasshopper!) saved the day! He asked Santa for one in Butternut too...

Now we are off to get our tree today.. and some fire wood... and some Christmas wine.. Did you know Jones' has a winery now? still need to make cookies for the teachers and I havent even CO Colin's stocking yet!.. and I'm atempting color work! I've also got a few more diapers to sew for Colin for Christmas. A few other odds-n-ends to pick up and then it is time to WRAP WRAP WRAP! and I HAVE to bake Grandma's bread too.. and of course do all of Dad's wrapping for him. It started b/c my Grandmother used to do it all for him, but then she passed away so I did it - I was still home. but every year his gout is worse and wourse and now I'm not sue he could do it if he tried. but it is part of out family tradition now :)

ETA: Try the Strawberry Splendor! yummy and ON SALE!


  1. Sounds like you'll have more than enough to do to keep you busy until Christmas. Why do we Grandma's alway end up on the floor with the kids? I do the same thing. I guess we just go where the fun is. LOL.

  2. love the diaper! I just ordered some.