The best gift of all...

I almost forgot to post about the best gift our family recived this Christmas... HOPE! Hope for my Dad's health. see, his Gout has gotten bad.. really bad. I think he had it so long and so bad that he'd given up. He can hardly use his hands and his flare ups just move around the body without a break. We have been buggin him to see a rheumatologist (sp?) but he has been putting it off- probably b/c he gave up. BUT on Christmas eve, se stopped in to visit some friends visiting from out of town. One of which is a Rheumatologist (again ? with the spelling). she offered to take a look at my Dad while she was in town. as it turns out.. things aren't as bad as he thought! surgury can restore MOST of the use of his hands, tho he has had it so long that he will still have some permanent damage. She also wrote down new dosing instructions for the meds he is on and a new med comming out soon will give him even better relief! so Todd gave him the number of his hand surgeon and now he is getting a referral to the rheumatologist. THANKS DOC!!!! I will refrain from naming names out of respect for her. she is a professional. Just for the record. I have a few Dr friends and I would n't think of asking any of them for free medical advice.. but she offered adn there was NO way we could say no since Dad was willing to go.

oh- I also finished Colins stocking.. finally!

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