Today's Special: Leftovers

After finishing the Phish socks, I wanted to use up the leftovers, so I made this baby hat. I really like the hat, but it is a bit giry for any baby I know.. so it will go into the dontation pile.

Then there is this from the "What was I thinking??" department!

yeah.... I got the brillinat ieda to use up scrap from both Phish and Todd's socks to make baby socks.. AT THE SAME TIME!!!!yeah.. 2 pairs at once! it is getting easier now, but it was CRAZY trying to keep all the strands straight. the ones form Todd's socks will be for the squirt, and the others will get donated along with the hat. I made todds from 2 seperate skeins, so they are probably going to match. The Phish ones will be quite fraternal b/c there wasn't enough left to match up the repeat.

on the sewing front... I'm still waiting for more por-care to finish the last 3 small diapers and I'm making Andy & Ryan shorts in the Spiderman print I have left from their curtains and the diapers. Mom made a really nice jacket to go along with the hat and booties that match the airplane diapers. AND she made me a really pretty and comfortable maternity sundress. I mant to take pictures of the dress adn the PJs I made last week, but I forgot and now the camera is put away... you;ll have to wait for hte next photoshoot...


  1. What a beautiful hat! Some little girl will look stunning in it for sure.

    Excuse me for giggling at the 4 socks on one needle. Been there done that! Too frustrating for me spending more time untangling than knitting so now I only do one at a time.

  2. oh giggle away! it is a bit easier now that the sock asre big enough for me to tuck the little balls of yarn into. no more tangling!

    hope that grandbaby arrives soon! I feel for your daughter! one more "you must be miserable in this heat" comment and I can't be held responsible for my actions!!! there is this invention called AIR CONDITIONING!!! sorry- rant over!

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  4. I love the pre-baby pics (my daughter is also expecting anytime now)
    I was wondering if you could share the hat pattern that u used the tropical fish yarn on That would make a lovely little girls hat.
    Tonya (socknitters)